Gramp’s Journal – Chapter 16 Excerpt


  Parish said the poison was spreading faster than ever before. What normally took daymoons was happening in hours. Denegrille said Shadeyla’s magic was getting stronger with every passing.

  Wrenwah will see spirit realm soon,” said Oble Tere.

  In sadness Trey Tere said, “Wrenwah will see a warrior’s passing true.” Feeling guilty I walked away from the conversation. Parish joined me and said this was not of my doing and I said it was all because of my walkabout.

  “No,” he replied. “Many passings ago Wrenwah lost his wife and son. They were attacked on a stone gathering and he blamed himself for not being there. With nothing left he just gave up but when you came he found purpose again.”

  “Still, this walkabout is the reason for his passing,” I said.

  “Yes,” replied Parish, “but Wrenwah sees this as a way to join his loved ones and you have given him the way to do that with the honor a warrior deserves.”

  “It still doesn’t make me feel any better,” I said.

  “Only time can heal the wounds in your heart,” he said. “They will forever remain but they will heal.”

  Wrenwah led the way again and though he kept looking worse no one said a word of it. Walking along each of us grieved in silence. I wondered if there really was a spirit stone that could help even those supposedly death could not release to the spirit realm. I only wished there was and we had it right now.

  Sliding his hood completely over his head Wrenwah stopped and stood perfectly still. A moment later he called Denegrille forward. After a few minutes he handed his staff and a small pouch to Denegrille. Denegrille rejoined us and said Wrenwah was saying his goodbyes. He did not want us to see him now that the change was happening. Handing the staff to Tibberon he said Wrenwah wanted him to have it now that he was ready.

  Taking his own he held it tightly aside Wrenwah’s and lifting them both above his head he began to chant. Wrenwah lifted his hands and began to chant as well. Suddenly a flash of light shot out of Wrenwah’s hands and into the staffs. Instantly they merged together forming a new and larger one. A glow suddenly appeared surrounding the staff and Tibberon.

  A minute later it subsided and lowering the staff Tibberon said it was done. Looking a little confused I asked what had just happened. Parish said it was a transfer of Wrenwah’s power allowing Tibberon to control the new staff much easier. Then Denegrille handed the small pouch to Tibberon and whispered something I couldn’t hear.

  Shortly afterwards the staffs were lit and Wrenwah led the way once more. Hunched over a little he slowly moved along with both hands drooping to his sides. Bogs appeared and hopped alongside him. Croaking in sadness a few times he stayed with Wrenwah for a short ways before joining us.

  Wrenwah held his hand up and gestured they were back and once again preparing to strike. I saw two on our right and another on our left. Spotting Wrenwah ahead one let out a loud howl and quickly they turned and began moving towards him. Suddenly one took off running and leapt over the mur at him.

  As everyone readied their weapons Denegrille said, “No.”

  Wrenwah has chosen to make his passing,” Tibberon said.

  “How can we just stand here and watch?” I asked.

  “It is what Wrenwah wishes,” Tibberon replied. Quickly reaching upwards Wrenwah grabbed the darkmoor and used its momentum to send it into the mur. Another leapt out with another following it. Again Wrenwah grabbed one and easily tossed it aside, but the other, landing on Wrenwah’s back immediately sunk his teeth in. Wrenwah made no sound as the blood quickly stained his cloak. Taking hold of the darkmoor Wrenwah flung it off his shoulders and into the mur. No sooner had it landed and another leapt out. Sinking its teeth deep into Wrenwah’s throat its raised claw swung quickly downward. Wrenwah’s head suddenly fell downward as the blood trickled. He staggered about as the darkmoor lashed at him over and over. I buried my face in my hands as the tears ran freely down my face.

  “Now,” said Tibberon. My eyes looked up as a flurry of weapons fire hit the darkmoor. Falling lifelessly to the mur Wrenwah took the lifeless darkmoor with him. Flashes of light shot upwards as the mur began taking them under.

  “Our fren has made his passing,” Oble Tere said softly.

  “May he find the peace he was seeking,” said Parish.