Return To Otrindara – Chapter 10 Excerpt


  “This be no good,” said Meylonie. “Reeshard no be when Reeshard need be when. Otrindara's passing no be good.”

  “What do you mean?” I asked.

  “Less Reeshard makes walkabout with much fren less daymoon,” she said. “Reeshard sees to be much less people kind like you.”

  “No,” I replied in frustration, “Grams came to look for gramps. There's just no way they could be as young as me. I left right after grams did and headed straight through the wall of fog.”

  “The fog knows when to see one be and when not to see one be,” Meylonie said. “Your when sees to be the when the fog sees you to be in with each walkatoo the fog.”

  “Let me get this straight,” I said, thinking I understood what she meant. “You mean each time I enter the fog I could end up in a different time and the fog itself decides on what passing of time I end up in?”

  Reeshard sees true,” replied Meylonie.

  “That's impossible,” I said in total disbelief. “That's the craziest thing I ever heard of.”

  “See true Reeshard,” said Donogra.

  “Yes Reeshard,” added Meylonie, “Does Reeshard know of Otrindara much passing? Does Reeshard know of skittering, Bouldren, Hobna, or Donogra much passing. Reeshard's eyes need see true to believe true.”

  “I guess it sounds true,” I said in a final acceptance of what was happening. “But how do I get to the time I need to be in to find grams and gramps?” I asked.

  Otrindara will see your when true when you need see it true,” she replied in a sympathetic tone.

  “So the time you say I'm in now is when gramps found grams in Leylondra right after the attack?” I asked.

  “What attack?” asked Meylonie curiously.

  “There was an attack on Leylondra by the Sea Hawk a long time ago. Pirates and slavers alike came ashore to the gathering of Leylon while darkmoor were attacking from outside the walls,” I replied. “Gramps told me about it a long time ago,” I said.

  “What walls?” asked Donogra.

  “The two large walls build around Leylon,” I said.

  Reeshard need tell Meylonie true, Meylonie need see true,” she said with a worried look spreading across her face.

  “I'm not sure it's really my tell,” I said.

  “No Meylonie,” said Bouldren in polite agreement, “Otrindara's passings will not see to be as they need see to be.”

  “If Otrindara sees Reeshard to be this passing, Otrindara tells us a know,” she replied.

  “Yes,” said Bouldren, “Meylonie sees the know this passing. It is this passing Reeshard need see true to tell Meylonie.”

  “Yes,” she replied, “Meylonie see Bouldren speaks true.”

  Meylonie and Donogra talked frantically with Bouldren for a few minutes before she said, “Reeshard need see people kind realm less daymoon’s passing.”

  “I can’t leave without grams and gramps,” I said.

  “The Reeshard and Genaaay you seek is not of this when,” Donogra replied. “You need see to your realm and see a when in much passings.”

  Meylonie will take you,” she said. Turning to look at Bouldren Meylonie thanked him before telling him that her and Denegrille would make meet soon. Right now she had much to do in very little time. He nodded as if he understood and after standing up he and Hobna said their goodbyes to me before turning to leave. Meylonie said something to Donogra and he quickly turned and headed down the hill towards the gathering.

  “I really don’t understand everything that's going on,” I said in confusion. “You mean I have to go back home and start this all over again?” I asked.

  Reeshard see true,” she replied. “This no be the when you see to find Reeshard and Genaaay of much passings.”

  “You mean I really am in the wrong time period then?” I asked. “I just don't understand how this could have happened? Or even why it would have happened for that matter?”

  Reeshard and Genaaay see to be less passings as you see to be.” She replied. “Otrindara sees to know why.”

  “I can’t believe it,” I said slightly angered. “I just can't believe I went through all this for nothing.”