Return To Otrindara – Chapter 15 Excerpt


  Jumping back over the mur and walking up to the stump I looked for the door that had just closed but it still wasn’t there. Even with the shimmer around it, it was still a solid tree stump just as it should have been. I knocked on the top and it sounded just as solid as any stump would have.

  “This is crazy,” I said. Suddenly the top of the stump lifted upward and I watched in amazement as Willow’s head popped up once again.

  She giggled and asked, “Are you Reeshard of The Great Parish Swamp?”

  “I don’t know if I am or not,” I said.

  Again she giggled and then asked, “You do not know who you are?” Oh no, not this again I thought. Hobna just laughed lightly.

  Feeling slightly embarrassed I said, “I am Richard but so is my grandfather.”

  “Is your grandfather Reeshard of The Great Parish Swamp?” she asked.

  “I think so,” I said.

  Again she giggled and asked, “You are not sure who your grandfather is either?” At that moment Hobna lost control and burst out laughing.

  Getting frustrated again I said, “Yes I know who he is.”

  “I’m just not sure about the Great Parish Swamp part,” I added.

  “You do not know where you are either?” she asked in her giggling manner.

  “Yes, I know where I am. I'm in Otrindara” I said with more frustration. Realizing I was really lost on this side of the fog I said, “Well maybe I don’t know where in Otrindara I am.” By this time Hobna was sitting on the ground and laughing so hard he was holding his stomach. “You’re not helping me any Hobna,” I said looking down at him. He looked up at me and just burst out laughing even harder.

  “Did you name The Great Parish Swamp?” she asked.

  “No,” I said.

  “Did your grandfather name it?” she asked.

  “I don’t think so,” I said. “He said it was always called the Parish Swamp.”

  I heard the soft giggle again before she said, “Does Reeshard not hear true? I said the Great Parish Swamp not the Parish Swamp.”

  In total frustration I said, “My grandfather always called it that but he didn’t name it that.”

  “Then why does it tell of the Reeshard who named The Great Parish Swamp?” she asked.

  “Why does what tell?” I asked.

  “The words of all passings,” she said.

  “What are the words of all passings?” I asked.

  “If you are Reeshard then you would know that,” she said giggling.

  “But I am named Richard,” I said getting slightly angered, “and my grandfather is also named Richard and my grandmother is named Genny.”

  Reeshard and Genaaay,” she said, “It is them I speak of.”

  “Who are you?” she asked, speaking to Hobna now.

  Regaining control he said, “Hobna be named.”

  “You are of the dirss gnomes,” she asked.

  “I am,” he said proudly.

  “Wait here and I will come back,” she said again.

 he said giggling. “Follow me and you will see.”

  “You want me to follow you in there?” I said.

  “It is the way to Nymphara,” she said. “If you are to help those in Nymphara, you must follow me to Nymphara.”

  Slipping off my backpack I walked up to the stump and said, “I can’t fit down in there. I’m way too big.”

  She giggled and said, “No, Reeshard and Hobna are not too big.” Looking around I suddenly realized Hobna and I were almost as short as the tree stump.

  Toadwarts!” I exclaimed, “How did you do that?”