Return To Otrindara – Chapter 18 Excerpt


  We walked through the well lit swamp for hours before finally reaching a large clearing to rest up in. The trees surrounding it were covered in barksbright growing up and down their backsides. Long strands of moss coated vines hung from the branches creating a circle of softness all around it. Something looking like wild strawberries were growing out all along them. Pushing aside the vines and stepping inside the clearing I was surprised to see hundreds of wild strawberries lying about on the ground. At least I though they were strawberries.

  “Strawberries,” I said, picking a large one up and biting into it. Immediately I shook from its slightly tart taste and said, “It’s fresh but it’s good.” Continuing to eat it lighthearted laughter suddenly filled the air as everyone looked over at me.

  “They see to be named reyberries,” in Otrindara said Hobna. “We see to eat them fresh from the vine and they do see a taste of awakening but they see to be good as you say.”

  Whats so funny though?” I asked curiously.

  Trying to control his laughter Oble Tere said, “Reeshard will see true less passing.” Again a bout of lighthearted laughter spread throughout the group.

  All of a sudden my tongue started feeling warm. Perspiration began to bead up on my forehead. Seconds later I was sweating to no end and the sting of it was in my eyes as it ran down my forehead. Heat radiated throughout my body from head to toe. Suddenly a burning sensation began as I felt to be on fire. Again a round of lighthearted laughter broke out at my expense.

  “See to eat this Reeshard,” said Jade giving Hobna and the others a stern look of disapproval and handing me a piece of barksbright. Chewing on it quickly I got a good taste of what seemed like dried cardboard and began spitting it back out. An explosion of loud laughter suddenly filled the air about me. As much as some fought to control it, it had become uncontrollable.

  “No Reeshard,” said Jade, “You need see to eat the barsbrit to stop the reyberry wahm.”

  Feeling the burning sensation still increasing I did what Jade said. I finished eating the barksbright and after a forced swallowing of it the burning inside me began to disappear slowly.

  Feeling much better I shook my head and said, “Wow, what the heck was that?”

  “It sees to be the wahm the reyberry seeds offer,” Jade said, smiling and trying not to laugh about it herself now.

  “I thought you said you ate them yourselves though,” I said in a bit of confusion.

  “Yes Reeshard,” replied Hobna, “Hobna tells we see to eat them fresh from the vine. We do not see to eat them from the ground.”

  Still laughing lightly Oble Tere said, “Reyberries on the vine do not see to have seeds to see the wahm, or fire as you would know it, within them. It is when they see to be full and drop from the vine that the wahm is offered.”

  “You mean to say they're only hot after they ripen and fall from the vines?” I asked.

  Reeshard sees true,” replied Jade.

  “Now you tell me,” I said, feeling a little dumb for just biting into one without asking about it first. Once again the laughter was at my expense but I saw the humor in it myself this time.

  Picking one from the vine and handing it to me Jade said, “See true to eat this one Reeshard. You will see its taste true.” Being a bit weary yet I slowly bit into it and felt the taste of a sweeter tartness on my tongue. Eating it down there was no burning sensation and it actually tasted more like a normal strawberry.

  “They are good,” I said still feeling a bit embarrassed. “Next time I think I'll ask first and taste later.” Immediately my response brought on another fit of lighthearted laughter from everyone.