Return To Otrindara – Chapter 5 Excerpt


  “Maybe you're not even the real King Talos,” I said suspiciously. Before he could respond I asked, “How is it you knew Sanondra and I were coming? How is it you knew to take my magic bag from me? How is it you didn't know there were bad fahrae amongst you? The real King Talos would've known all that.”

  Suddenly the others began talking amongst themselves and pointing at king talos. Then someone said, “Issss is a bad fahrae.”

  “His magic tricks you all,” I yelled loudly. “King Talos would see the truth for you.”

  “Then another yelled, “Hessss noessss King Talossss,” Immediately others started yelling and thrusting their spears outward in his direction. Anger was brewing quickly and I needed it to reach a riotous frenzy.

  “Get him,” I screamed out. “Get the fake King Talos!”

  Getsss him!” another repeated. Not knowing how to stop the angering crowd and fearing for his own life now King Talos turned and fled into the tall grass. The others kept yelling and took off after him without thinking. Quickly I went back to loosening the ropes and a few minutes later I was free. Pulling the ropes off I sat up and tossed them aside. With everyone was gone I stood up and saw Sanondra staked down and lying unconscious in an open area just a few yards away. My backpack was lying on the ground alongside her.

  Quickly running over I yanked the ropes off of her and threw them aside. Sitting her up in my arms I tried to revive her gently. Not feeling any life in her I thought I had been too late. How could I have let this happen I thought? Gramps wouldn’t have. Still, I knew I would have to worry about it later. Right now I needed to get us as far away from the Ogarah as I could. I knew they'd be returning soon to find me gone and realize I had been lying to them all along.

  Quickly I pulled a small jar of pepper from my backpack before slipping it on. Kneeling down to pick Sanondra up I heard the familiar voice of King Talos yelling out to the others. Opening the jar of pepper I waited for just the right moment. As soon as I saw them start to show along the edge of the clearing I tossed handfuls of pepper up into the air towards the clearings edge. Moving as fast as I could without getting dizzy I spun around and tossed it out in every direction. Placing the top back on the jar I shoved it into my pocket and carefully took Sanondra in my arms.

  Without another thought in my head I pictured myself fluttering upwards and instantly my wings were back. Fluttering upwards quickly I held Sanondra firmly in my arms. The ogarah rushed into the clearing below as the pepper began to settle all around. A moment later and I saw the pepper beginning to work. One ogarah sneezed and suddenly flew backwards into the tall grass. Then another and yet another until a few moments later they were all sneezing badly. Uncontrollably they flew backwards and deeper into the tall grass. Within minutes they were all gone from sight even though I still heard their sneezing.

  Thinking about fluttering as high as the treetops my wings carried us both higher into the air. Holding Sanondra in my arms I fluttered for a long ways before I felt any safer. Seeing a small stream ahead of me I fluttered over and lowered down right next to it. Setting Sanondra down gently I checked again for any signs of life. Placing my hand above her mouth I could feel her warm breath softly touching it. Relief flushed across my face at knowing she was still alive.

  Pulling a handkerchief out of my backpack I headed for the waters edge. Kneeling down to wet it an image suddenly appeared in the water before me. It was Sanondra and something was happening to her. She was fluttering along and suddenly her body jerked as if she’d been hit by something. I saw a long sliver in her neck as she went limp and fell towards the ground. Her color quickly began to turn white as if she were dying.