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   Welcome to my profile page. Here you can discover a little about me, my goals, and WJO Books. I'm really nothing more than just a simple man. For the most part I try to enjoy a simple, semi-retired life in Statesville, North Carolina with my wife Mary.

  I've tried to keep to two things in living a simple life. One is to enjoy whatever time I have with my loved ones. The other is to help others whenever I can along the way. Hopefully I've done a good bit of both.

  Like other authors I believe in making something for my time if possible! With that being said I'd like it to keep me going, but not break the one who's trying to find a good book to enjoy! In creating WJO Books I provide an outlet for my books, allowing me to offer them at lower costs than retailers can, or is even willing to. I also give readers the option to get personally autographed copies with the benefit of totally free shipping! "Reeshard and The Great Parish Swamp" may never make it to movie status (though my readers say it should), and I may never become a bestselling author, but at least I'll know I'm doing right by the reading community. For a simple man like me thats satisfaction enough!

  I currently have two book series I'm working on. The first is the "Reeshard and The Great Parish Swamp" series. It is a fantasy / adventure that was primarily written because of my kids! When my kids were young they had a habit of exploring an area in the woods. So to keep them out (not that it really ever worked though), I began telling them stories about strange things existing in there. Eventually the story was told to my grandkids and with years of hard work it became what it is today. Now my goal is to see everyone, everywhere enjoying it.

  The second series is a Read, Rhyme, and Recognize series I created for beginning readers. It's titled, "The Adventures of Ernie I Saw". I wanted a book series young children could easily learn to read from, bring out the smiles and laughter they hold within, and have it inspire them to read even more! "The Adventures of Ernie I Saw" became just that. I already have parents and children alike asking me when new ones will be available. Soon, I hope!

  In creating WJO Books I'm trying to create a door for every reader to easily step through. I want reading a good story easily affordable to everyone, including those who normally couldn't afford it or just don't have the means to. I firmly believe WJO Books is one way of doing just that!

  I sincerely hope all visitors to the internet home for WJO Books will pass the word and refer everyone they know to stop in and visit themselves. Who knows? With enough input and more demand for this type of direct marketing more authors might follow suit. It might not make major publishing companies and book retailers very happy but it sure will a global community of avid readers looking for a nice break on the availability of enjoyable reading easily obtained!
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