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Welcome to the previews page. Here you can explore chapter excerpts, complete chapters, or pages of the children's books. At WJO Books I wanted to offer a "Try It Before You Buy It" sort of thing. Feel free to stop back in anytime and check for new previews or sneak peeks of what's to come. Hopefully soon, WJO Books will add links to previews of other good books by other authors too.
Reeshard and The Great Parish Swamp / Gramp's Journal
  Gramp's Journal takes a young boy named Richard on an incredible adventure into Otrindara's realm of truth. Entering it to saved loved ones he seeks help from Daka, Gargan, Leykin, and other Otrindaran's along the way. Encountering plants and animals, the likes of which have never been seen before, Richard discovers secrets The Great Parish Swamp has kept for centuries. All of this leads him to discover the truth about the legends of Parish revealing his true ancestry and fulfilling an age old prophecy. Past, present, and future all come together to reveal an unknown connection between legendary pirates and himself.
Reeshard and The Great Parish Swamp / Return To Otindrara
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  The adventure continues with more disappearances and more encounters with the ever present wall of fog. In search of his missing grandparents, Richard makes new friends as he travels through Otrindara in an effort to find them. Discovering new realms and facing new dangers, Richard must remain steadfast to be successful in his search and help Otrindarans along the way. With his quest an uneasy one, Richard knows the survival of all realms may now depend on the age old prophecy of "The One".
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<< The Adventures of Ernie I Saw - I Saw It In The Jungle / I Saw It Underwater
The Adventures of Ernie I Saw - I Saw It When I Was Camping >>
The Adventures of Ernie I Saw is a Read, Recognize, and Remember book designed with beginning readers in mind. Simple Rhyming Verses with Repetetive Lines and Delightful Pictures make it a Favorite Read for any child.

Ernie's Fun Facts teach your child something about the world they live in.

The Adventures of Ernie I Saw allows your child to Read the Words, Recognize the Lines, and Remember the Rhymes on their own in no time. It Inspires Confidence in their ability to read by themselves and encourages them to enjoy it even more.

The first book is a Double Story Special Edition that includes both of the first two Ernie I Saw adventures put into print. It includes both, "I Saw It In The Jungle" and "I Saw It Underwater".

Every book comes complete with a presentation page. Giving it to the someone you love will have a much more personal feel to it.

Every copy ordered through WJO Books can be personally autographed by the author to make it a personal keepsake for your child to enjoy.
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